About Us

VSR Logistics is Southern California’s premiere warehousing, transportation and logistics company.

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Our Core Values

Our goal is to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. We continually hold ourselves accountable to:

Product Knowledge

We have the experience needed to understand the products we handle and transport. Our deep product knowledge allows us to properly and efficiently manage your time and resources.

Accurate Deliveries

The right products need to be delivered to the right place. We employ knowledgeable drivers, and utilize systematic delivery and tracking systems to ensure that your goods arrive exactly where they need to be. Our synchronized location tracking system allows us to work with our customers to make sure inventory is delivered to the correct place.

Fair Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for all of our services. We don’t believe that customers should have to pay high premiums for our professionalism, excellent customer service, or use of new facilities.

Optimal Storage Conditions

Customers trust us with their products, so we take the time to understand the proper conditions for storing and delivering their inventory. We make the effort to understand the specifications required for products to be safely and securely stored.

Timely Arrivals

Time is money for our clients, and we understand the importance of delivering your goods in a timely manner. Our advanced delivery tracking system monitors the progress of your inventory’s journey from start to finish to ensure that it arrives on time.

Correct Quantities

We pay close attention to the quantity of goods that we deliver to help prevent loss, shrinkage, and inaccurate inventory. Our sophisticated inventory management system allows our customers to see exact inventory numbers in real time.